Paige Larson

Director EDOC Physical Therapy
Paige Larson
Paige Larson

Paige Larson, MPT, received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh earning her bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Fitness and graduating an Outstanding Senior. She also studied athletic training and became a certified Athletic Trainer in 1995.

Paige attended Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin for graduate school where she earned her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. She has been in healthcare for over 20 years and directing out-patient clinics for 14 years. With her experience as a collegiate athlete and other healthcare members in her family, physical therapy was a natural path for Paige. Over the years she has provided medical support to high school athletics, traveled to Australia for research in spinal stabilization techniques, teamed with physicians for community presentations, consulted for management companies and provided patient care in the out-patient orthopedic setting.

Paige is also an E.P.I.C. Lift Capacity Certified Evaluator and a physical therapist with the United States Figure Skating Association. She has been the Director of Physical Therapy since 2006.


Plantar Fasciitis

Early Treatment is Key

Paige Larson

One of the most common causes of heel pain, plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of a soft band of tissue called the plantar fascia which extends from the bottom of the heel to the base of the toes. Plantar fasciitis typically causes a stabbing, sometimes excruciatingly painful, sensation in the heel, especially during one’s first steps in the morning. As the foot limbers up, the pain often decreases but may return during the day, depending on one’s activities and foot wear.

"Plantar fasciitis is an overuse injury and most common in women, usually between the ages of 40 to 60," says Paige Larson, MPT, Director of Physical Therapy, Eisenhower Desert Orthopedic Center. "It can feel like nails are being driven into the bottom of the foot."

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