Relaxation and Revitalization

Deidre Braun, M.S.

In the treatment of chronic-degenerative, autoimmune and deeply rooted chronic conditions, “relaxation of the muscles” are a primary necessity.

Acupuncture is very effective in enabling a person to relax more deeply. In our fast-paced modern lifestyles sometimes we are mind-oriented and tense; we may even have forgotten how to relax. As acupuncture works by moving and balancing energy in the body, it simultaneously makes the person feel more relaxed. In fact often people come for acupuncture for other health reasons and discover deep relaxation as a by-product and then get used to the feel good factor as part of their acupuncture experience.

Most people want to feel and look their best and enhance their natural looks. The results acupuncture will be far more profound than simply improving one's appearance. Acupuncture treats the imbalances of the internal body as well as the outward signs of aging that appear on the face. Not only will the treatments encourage a healthy radiance. They will also restore your innate balance to good health. When there is a healthy change within the body, the face becomes clearer and looks more youthful. A face of natural beauty comes from a healthy body. Through this process of individualized treatments, I will work with you to slow the process of aging from within and to promote overall good health and well-being, resulting in a toned and vibrant face.